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July 20, 2019

How We Feel

The crux of the title of this piece is just as it reads. We feel. Period. We are not stones, which I imagine actually do feel even though we cannot detect it. We are flesh and blood. We are spiritual, seemingly more spiritual than any non-brown on earth. If we were not, we would have slain non-browns from the very beginning for the infractions against us. We would have heaped upon them ten-fold all they’ve done to us. Yet, we have never done so. In no corner of the globe have we collectively slaughtered and destroyed the culture of non-browns. We have never killed their spirit and left them like a pile of waste upon the soul of the universe. We are very different in that regard.

We feel. We feel so deeply that we, after centuries of oppression, still seek a way to understand why non-browns dislike us. We seek it so relentlessly, that it has cost us our lives. Yet, we continue to seek it out. And in our endless pursuit, we often turn inwardly upon each other, rather than outwardly upon the source of our pain. Even still, we do not turn against them and rage at the injustices we’ve been forced to endure.

Our lives were and always will be one of reciprocity. But it is time for us to realize that our destroyers have no interest in reciprocity. Their only interest is in the destruction of our body and spirit. It is time to wake up and realize that non-browns do not think we feel. They think we are like them. So they continue to take, never looking back at the destruction they leave in their wake. They never look around to see the tears, the open wounds, the broke spirits…the blood. They never stop.

Yes, we feel. We feel their cuts. We feel it all. And it is time we realize that what we feel should not be ignored, or brown people the world over will become extinct.

We cannot allow non-browns to end our existence. They must either compromise, leave us in peace and go back to their Caucus mountains, or like the viruses many of them are, cause their own extinction because it kills the host. And we are the hosts of life. Our people are the first, the bones of a woman two million years old. The bones of a brown woman. A woman of the universe. A woman who represents an even longer history. Because that woman was brought here by a woman. Yes, that two million year old woman had parents.

Our history is vast. It is deep. And above all else, it is filled with deep, deep emotion, passion and feeling. Yes, we feel. And we remember.

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