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November 20, 2017

Our History

Tell me, what do you know about your brown history? Something? Anything? If I were a betting person I would say you know only what the non-browns have told you about YOUR history. Who tells the non-browns about their history? No one.
Yet, we are trained well to take the non-brown’s view of history and accept it as universal truth. But then, that is the only truth we have been given. It is incumbent on us to thoroughly scrutinize, and in many cases, dismiss outright, ALL history of browns given by non-browns.
They do not have a very good record of being truthful, as one can readily recall based on the history of our brown brothers they disrespectfully call American Indians, just to name one of many brown groups they have lied to, stolen from and slaughtered. Everything they’ve ever written about browns should be taken as false until proven true.
So tell me, what do you my brown brothers and sister know about our history? Let’s talk about it.

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A writer conjuring the ancestors. A voice in the wilderness waiting for Gaia to get as tired as she is of this madness. A brown woman trying to write in fire the stories and truths those in control try to hide. A soul seeking freedom.

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