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September 18, 2021


7 Foods That Detox the Liver

Ensuring our liver is clean and healthy is essential to our wellness. Here you will find seven foods that assist with detoxing the liver. The liver is an essential organ that helps to keep the human body free of toxins. It performs important functions in almost every part of your body, from balancing your cholesterol

Dr. Carter G. Woodson: Inventor

Dr. Carter G. Woodson was a man ahead of his time. Not only did he invent Black History Month, but he also, among other works of his own such as The Mis-Education of the Negro, compiled The Journal of Negro History, a multi-volume compilation of brown folks’ creations and accomplishments. African American Inventor – Dr. Carter G. Woodson

Ancient Math of Ethiopia

Ethiopian math systems have been around since ancient times and they work. Brown people have engaged in complex mathematical calculations that confound most non-browns around the globe. Check this out.  

A History Of The Olmecs

The Olmecs were an indigenous brown looking people who were here thousands of years before non-browns and thereby, slavery. Browns have been found everywhere on the Earth that non-browns have docked. No matter where they landed, they found brown people.    About two years ago, in 2000, there was also the excavation of the Nubian

First Americans were Black

This is information far too many brown folks are not aware of. It needs to be known. The Olmec heads are proof of our existence here over 5,000 years ago. Check out this video.

Analyzing the Non-Browns

The non-browns of the world cannot be analyzed without a bit of preamble. One of the most disturbing problems with the majority of the non-brown population of earth is their inability to see themselves honestly. Of course, as I go about the day to day business of posting pieces that pertain to brown folks in

The Destruction of Kemet

As I write this, non-browns are working tirelessly (through the enlistment of ignorant browns), to deface many ancient monuments. Walls that once housed the potential secrets to our ancestry, and even possibly our existence, are being chipped away and cemented over. Many browns do not know this is happening. And, true to form, non-browns will

Eye of Wadjet

It is my belief that our great wadjet is a map of the universe—or to a destination in the universe. But it is only through our collective spiritual power that we browns can discover the truth. Together we can find the key to this symbol, along with the ankh (a key), that will unlock the

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