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May 16, 2021



Magicians performing magic Mental agility on feeble minds Willing to believe in Santa Claus Degradation of that which humans dare Not to believe in Nature and all of its supreme majesty If one can tell the tree by the fruit it bares Then have the priest of religion brought forth The seed of mankind from

Dementia In Excelsis

Has the melanin of my skin Caused this mendacious Melodrama Has the melanin caused you To look upon me as a Menagerie Mercy mercy me or is it Just your Mercy killing Me Mesmerize by your messiah Milk toast minister minions Massaging Minds into Mind-bending, Mind-blowing Mind-boggling, Mince-meat Minstrel Have we become mystics Masquerading as

A Culture Of Denial

Why is it that manipulated souls determined To define their reality seek refuge in those Weaving the web of deception With eyes wide shut we continue to believe In our hypnotic government Much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz Pay no attention to the idiots in the White House Follow the yellow brick road