Soul Feng Shui


When we think about feng shui (wind & water), we often think only of our external living space, our house. Rarely do we think about our internal living space, our bodies, our first home. Our bodies are the place we live in for a much longer time than any house we could occupy. Yet, while living in our skin we almost never consider the idea that we should feng shui our souls, which in turn will feng shui our bodies.

When we feng shui our house, we pay attention to the colors, the sounds, the amount of sun that hits certain areas of the house. We consider the north, south, east and west when positioning furniture. We consider energy flow and how it affects our mood in each living space. Every inch of our house, including the least visited areas, such as the attic or basement, all play a role in the negative and positive forces that flow through our house. Just as we consider every aspect of our living space when utilizing the art of feng shui, so too should we consider every aspect of not only what we feed our body and soul, but what we allow to reside in our body/soul and in what way.

As you move forward with preparing your house for energy living, add to your list the need to feng shui your body and ultimately, your soul for spiritual living. Consider what you eat and drink; the air you breathe, the clothes you wear, the things you touch and allow to touch you. Create positive energy flow around your temple (the body). Treat your body with the same careful reverence and feng shui energy as your house. Your first home is your body. Your second home is your house. Feng shui, first, that which cannot be replaced.