Magicians performing magic
Mental agility on feeble minds
Willing to believe in Santa Claus

Degradation of that which humans dare
Not to believe in
Nature and all of its supreme majesty

If one can tell the tree by the fruit it bares
Then have the priest of religion brought forth
The seed of mankind from a Weeping Willow tree

Crying to the prophets that profit from the deception
Of Heaven and Hell
You reap what you sow
Have the Hocus Pocus magician reaped the bountiful
Treasures of souls seeking immortality

Can I wash my ignorance of Self denial of the Sun
That is within to find the miracle of Nature
Praised in the apotheosis my Sun
For I am the True and only Light of the world

Understand my Son
Have faith and believe in man created saviors
And ye shall never know myth from reality

Is it myth God or the Devil
Or the reality of Good or Do-evil

These Hocus Pocus magicians have extorted humankind
In its quest from the sanctuary of Hell
For Hell is the grave and these magicians priest in all of
Their sacred feats too will find this Hell which is the grave

So let us endeavor to free our mind from the Claus of deception
And never again will the Priestly Devils profit from the Goddess(Good)
In All of our Soul-ar Essene Nature
Provider, Sustainer and Destroyer
The Trinity of Life
Copyright ©2005