Check the Line for the Accountable

Enough is enough. I’m all about holding people accountable for their actions. So yes, police officers should be held accountable for what they do. But am I the only one asking who hired these brutal officers scattered throughout the country? Only a sick mind can hire a sick mind. I want to know the names of the people who hired them. We are so busy putting out the officers’ names, yet we are not checking the line to see who is behind them. Who…hired…them? Why are they hiring violent and crazy people? And if the ones hiring are making honest mistakes, then why are they making a second mistake and keeping these men on the force? Why are they not firing them instantly. We want to talk about the officers as though they exist in a bubble, as though Casper the friendly ghost hired them.


When we learn the name of the men hiring these officers, we need to put them on trial alongside the officer. I want to find out if they are just making innocent hiring mistakes or the primary cause of the death of these young men and women losing their lives for minor incidents because they are intentionally hiring crazy people to carry guns. Sadly, it seems like hiring mentally and emotionally unstable police officers is a pattern, which leads me to the next questions. Who is hiring the men who are hiring the police officers?

I hope officers soon are held accountable for what they are doing. Meanwhile, give me some names. I want to know who hired each and ever officer who has stability issues and flies off the handle the minute they feel a little fear, or when they see that they have the opportunity for a clean kill with impunity.

Then, give me the names of who is hiring these police chiefs who have no sense of discernment. All their names need to circulate the internet far and wide so they too can be put under a microscope for being an accessory to these brutal and unnecessary murders by their employees, the police officers that work the streets.

All written, my questions should trigger one possibly undeniable truth, that this is all very intentional. The pattern of behavior is in too many police stations in too many cities. The only proof I accept that will show it isn’t intentional is for the city and government to hold the hiring squads accountable and let them see we are not idiots and realize the issue didn’t start with the police officers hired.