Eye of Wadjet


It is my belief that our great wadjet is a map of the universe—or to a destination in the universe. But it is only through our collective spiritual power that we browns can discover the truth. Together we can find the key to this symbol, along with the ankh (a key), that will unlock the doors to knowledge we could never imagine. The wadjet is also a key. And I have been working on deciphering this key.

This key works in concert with other items. The ankh, the pyramids and cosmic cycles are integral parts in a complex, yet paradoxically simple puzzle. Although not puzzling to the ancients, it is something we can uncover if we take our spirits back to the source.

The wadjet is a pattern from the skies. It represents certain constellations of stars. It points us to something that allows us to travel in unimaginable ways, while simultaneously uncovering for us a well spring of knowledge about our existence, place in the universe and potential future.

Join me in uncovering the details of this map. Only browns can do it. Hit me up with your ideas. In time, I will share all that we’ve learned together with everyone. For now, we are in the realm of theory…but a good theory worth investigating.