The Destruction of Kemet

As I write this, non-browns are working tirelessly (through the enlistment of ignorant browns), to deface many ancient monuments. Walls that once housed the potential secrets to our ancestry, and even possibly our existence, are being chipped away and cemented over. Many browns do not know this is happening. And, true to form, non-browns will make every effort to lie about their actions. Either denying that it is occurring, or blaming browns.

Non-browns make grand claims of being scientific, meticulous and intelligent. Yet, they continue to do things that show their disdain for browns and, even worse, a disdain for those things that came before them.

When they are not destroying nature, they are attempting to destroy that which reveres nature. What kind of mind would destroy ancient artifacts, reliefs and written history? What kind of mind would then begin to re-paint or carve images in their likeness in an effort to fool those who may come later? What kind of mind?

What is it about brown history that aggravates non-browns so? And why the deception? Why the clever methods of trying to make browns look inferior? At every turn, they deflect their true personality…and ultimately their true motives. And like the Houdinies they are, they magically make browns seem crazy, paranoid and incapable of reasoning out the world around them. But non-browns, we are on to your game. The new age is ushering in. It is moving in fast and hot. Your lies will be quelled by truth. And your destruction of a great continent will not go unnoticed by the universe. The new age draws near. Continue to scamper about and cover your lies with more lies. Everything, and I mean everything is only for a season.

You may attempt to destroy Kemet, the heart of Nubia, but you will never destroy the truth. It will find you…