Analyzing the Non-Browns

The non-browns of the world cannot be analyzed without a bit of preamble.

One of the most disturbing problems with the majority of the non-brown population of earth is their inability to see themselves honestly. Of course, as I go about the day to day business of posting pieces that pertain to brown folks in particular, and as they relate to non-brown folks in general, it is essential that I point out a few predictable behaviors by these non-browns.

First, they will always be “offended” by any analysis of their behavior, even as they go about, with an incredible level of disrespect, analyzing everyone else on earth.  This analysis of others is a favorite pastime of non-browns. Everyone else is strange, alien and foreign–a bit primitive and certainly uncivilized. But not them. They are intelligent, civilized and advanced, even as history shows that for centuries before their infiltration into nations filled with brown people, they, the non-browns, were the only aggressors…the only war makers. Yet, they must examine brown nations.  And then, pillage them–take their resources, claim them as their own, and look back without remorse–if they look back at all.
Second, when a brown person begins to analyze non-browns and their behavior, the first course of action is to accuse the brown person of being racist. This is the typical response of non-brown people given that they’ve mastered the art of not only deflecting their behavior, but behaving willfully ignorant as to their past. It is critical to note that as they accuse, they rarely address the observations made by the brown person, and gloss over the very apparent fact that the brown person has not relayed anything that was not truthful about their historical actions, which I might add, have not changed in over 3,000 years.

Some would say that all non-browns are not the same. I agree 100%. However, the percentage of non-browns who have some semblance of decency is so small, that it is not worth noting. Hence, to say the majority of non-browns when stating facts about their behavior is entirely acceptable and truthful when based on percentages…I am simply doing as math does, and rounding it all off.

Third, when non-browns find that their verbal attacks do not dissuade brown people from making observations about non-brown history, they resort to violence. This violence can take shape in many ways. If they cannot burn a cross in your yard, whip you, hang you from a tree, steal your land and your history, murder and rape your children, or any of a long list of grotesque behaviors noted in history, they destroy you surreptitiously.  For example, this website. It would not be beneath them to have this website taken offline. As a matter of fact, it is highly probable that those offended will do so most swiftly. But this is very predictable behavior because they believe themselves to be the masters of the universe, and only their feelings of being offended are valid on earth.  They conveniently ignore their past infractions and believe that the past is the past; they now have the land and the gold and the power, therefore, we are just assed out. They do not consider that we are offended for their infractions (past and present), and if we were to behave as intolerant as them, they would have never made it to our shores in various parts of the globe.

But here it is, they have destroyed our history, our ancestry, our spirit, our souls, our strength, everything that makes us, us.  Yet, if we so much as express our opinions verbally, we are in danger of being ruined in every respect. Maybe even killed…accidentally…of course.

Again, this is the predictable behavior of these conquerors and oppressors. They cannot share anything the earth has given us. They must take it all…even down to our words; they must take them, or silence us. So it would be of no surprise to me if this website were shut down.  It would equally not surprise me if they made every effort to hunt me down and ruin my life. How would this be different from the past 3,000 years? This is what they do. They seek out and destroy anything and anyone not like them.  And anything in opposition to them, even when that opposition was/is merely a defense.

There will be the inevitable so called, intellectual non-brown person, who will come on this site and begin a game of wits, in an attempt to prove me to be less than intelligent and disingenuous.  Those are always the best kind of non-browns to assess. They are the deepest in denial of the truth of their ancestry. They want so desperately to hide from their innate behavior, that they develop what they believe is intellect. But the same behavior always surfaces; insult, degradation and a belief that they are smarter than anyone who attempts to bring to light their incredibly horrible behavior throughout history.

The first ones to post a negative response will be the ones who the shoe fits. Pay attention. It will be very entertaining to watch and read. Others, who are less than bright, will just rail incessantly with a slew of insults…typical of non-browns. They can never have intellectual discourse when they feel threatened. Imagine if browns had acted on being threatened from day one?   It is something to think about.

Finally, the most classic of all by the non-browns is to refuse voice to anyone whom they perceive is not at their “level.”  This is the best of all. It presupposes that if one does not work within their system of acquiring knowledge, they do not have a voice and cannot speak intelligently on a subject–they are therefore summarily dismissed or ignored.  This is their final hiding place. It proves their inability to see how they disrespect other cultures and ways of thinking.  It proves they think they are the end all to life and wisdom.  It is also their last resort…they attempt to shut down opposing views by claiming that one has no “credentials.”  Or, even richer, that one is inarticulate and unlearned–that one has not read enough to know anything. Only a New York Times or New Yorker level writer and/or reader should speak/write–only a professor or scientist or politician knows what is going on in the world of their chosen field. So rather than addressing the issue at hand, the conversation is degraded to one’s writing and reading list.

This is most clever. But the problem is that it presupposes that their methodologies, knowledge, information, language, etc., are the only existing methodologies, knowledge, information and intelligent language on earth (past or present). It also presupposes that their “education” is more valid than any other culture or race on earth. It assumes that because it comes from their and their non-brown fellow man, that it must be correct. And, that their non-brown fellow man is unbiased in their assessment. It assigns the position of God to men.  Or non-brown supremacy over brown peoples.

As this site unfolds, I expect to see the usual offenders. And the posts I receive will be tallied to show the truth of what I write. It is guaranteed that I will receive no less than 90% non-browns sharing their negative views, throwing tantrums, cursing, spiting, and sharing their non-brown wisdom and all manner of opposition, hatred and incessant anger.  And it will be rare that this opposition will follow with facts to back up their anger.  Not only will they maintain a stance of denial, as the majority often do, but they will inevitably bring their historical lies that have served to twist the truth of brown people’s history since the moment of non-brown’s trek from the caucuses. No doubt, they will bring the same old non-critically assessed items, without recognizing the truth of the transformation in their favor.

Wait! I almost forgot the age old classic of claiming that the person whom they oppose or disagree with is simply crazy. That’s right. When everything else falls through the cracks, the person(s) analyzing non-brown’s behavior are lunatics and conspiracy theorists–simply unhappy people with an agenda. These tricks never fail to get the job done, sadly.  At this point, many browns will retreat in shame because they are hit with a barrage of accusations by people who are “respected” in society and who have the pedigree to make their claims. Tricky tricky tricky…but after 3,000 plus years, some of us brown folks are onto the non-brown game.

Let all the brown folks reading this hope, as I do, that I am wrong. Because if I am not, then these non-browns are just as I’ve assessed—interested in nothing more than ensuring your complete genocide on earth in favor of an all non-brown earth. Sadly, they have no clue that melanin is the strength of life, and without melanin—something that exists in abundance in nearly every living thing on earth—longevity and survival are at risk.  The earth is brown—they need to accept it.  And they need to accept their minority status on the planet, and stop with the propaganda that deceptively makes it seem as though they are many.

No doubt, some non-browns will employ a few mentally, spiritually and intellectually enslaved browns to speak on their behalf. But the mentally, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually free browns who are critical thinkers and not just parrots, expect this as well. These slaves will no doubt be the buffer they need to plead their case. They will run to them and say, look at this site. Respond because I know you don’t agree. And those loyal mental slaves will respond and defend the non-brown’s behaviors, while lodging the accusations the non-browns would have lodged.  Coming from a brown makes it seem reasonable–not defensive.  But critical thinkers know the game.  None of this would surprise them. It is to be expected. Abused children often defend their abusive parents. It is a psychological problem that is sadly predictable and not confined to children. These browns who defend the bad behavior and destructive culture of non-browns, past and present, have lost their way. But it is possible for them to find their path once again.

Brown people of the world, unite. We are the future. The non-browns have proven themselves time and time again to be incapable of caring for our planet.   We need to remember the old ways and let the earth once again go back to being shared by all. We knew that once. We can know it again.  The minority can no longer be allowed to continue destroying everything we spent thousands of years building.

Brown people in every corner of the globe, let us build our egregore. We must reunite. We must rediscover our way. We must reintroduce the peaceful way of living from our past…it is our way.