Analyzing the Non-Browns, Part II

Now that I’ve placed on the table all the predictable actions of non-browns…

Well…wait a minute.

Before I assume that I’ve covered everything, let me note that non-browns spend their existence finding various methods of destruction. When they are not physically harming browns, they are busy little bees, trying to find ever more creative ways to destroy browns through infiltrating their personal life structure, intellect, spirit, emotion, etc., etc., etc. I would not put it beyond them to block my IP so that folks couldn’t visit this site to see what I’m writing. It is their way, they can’t help themselves.

It is important to note that non-browns only creations are for destructive purposes. Even things that could readily be used for something great, are used for something unproductive and degenerate. So it is important to note that these non-browns very well may find a way to get their way, like a child, and will discover something unheard of to shut brown people up, or cause their destruction in a round about way…as they now do through various mediums—and attempt to make it seem that they had no hand in what was/is unfolding.

I don’t want to go too much into part 1 again, so on to my analysis.

Non-browns are really terrified more than anything. No, they won’t admit it, but they are scared shitless. The ones who have this illusion of strength are always the ones who have power over the environment they’ve co-opted. Even the ones people might consider poor white trash recognize, to some degree, their perceived power—which is their non-brownness. They are consciously or subconsciously aware that they are in a world where they have something over browns, albeit an illusion.

The fear non-browns carry with them manifests itself in many ways. The primary manifestation of this fear is through the intentional subjugation of anyone not like them. The other manifestation is in a puffed up sense of self and importance in the universe, something that in days gone by was not the behavior of browns. Browns have historically been connected with nature. And have recognized their oneness with the universe. We have always been aware that we are greater than nothing, but equal to everything. Or even less powerful than most things in nature.

I must add a sidebar here. It is worthy to note that some non-browns reading this will no doubt be condescending in their so-called assessment. They will inevitably think to themselves, ‘this writer is doing this to build self esteem amongst browns, because browns recognize they are inferior.’ Why wouldn’t non-browns think this? They cannot admit to their ancestry and the hateful actions their parents, grandparents and great grandparents have performed since their encounter with browns. So instead of facing their demons, they will think and believe what makes them comfortable, and that is to assume that anything said against them, or in upliftment of browns, is merely a method of building brown people’s self esteem. Again, no surprise here. We will receive the figurative pat on the head and slap on the bottom and sent off to play. They condescend because they must. To do otherwise would mean entertaining a discussion that could uncover truths they are not ready to face. They must hide behind their feelings of superiority and what their fellow non-brown have said about browns. They rarely if ever will make critical assessments to come to truth. It is too unnerving.

I am reminded of the Planet of the Apes. The main character did not want to believe what he was experiencing. And when he finally thought he had escaped and was running to the seashore, one of the apes said to let him go…because he may not like what he finds. For those who watched it, he discovered something unimaginable—a truth that sent him into a fit of near madness. Non-browns, if they were to honestly assess history, may not like what they find. So they avoid it and live in comfortable bliss amidst their comfortable lies.

The crux of all this?

Non-browns have, from their move out of the caucuses, been aggressive. That aggression was primitive and destructive. It swept through every nation where browns lived, including the newly named continents; North America, South America, Africa, Australia and parts of South Asia.

No doubt, I will be accused of being “negative” and “insensitive.” Or here is another one, ‘Why don’t you just move on. It’s the past.’ Really? It is? It is always comfortable for non-browns to attempt to take the “high road” as they reap the rewards of their ancestors’ murders and theft. The poor non-browns will say, I am not reaping any rewards, while they know that if we both cleaned up and walked the streets together, we would be seen and treated very differently simply by virtue of our races. Inevitably, my non-brown counterpart would be favored among the masses.

Non-browns will conveniently attempt to absolve themselves of their ancestry by noting people like Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington, Tiger Woods, Halle Berry, Barack Obama, and other such figures, in an effort to prove that browns are not as bad off as they seem.

But the number of browns who are finding themselves in prominent positions are rare compared to the population of browns in the world. It is like taking a drop of blood that contains millions of molecules and dropping it into the ocean—then, asking scientists to detect blood in the ocean. As we know, an intelligent scientist with any semblance of common sense would not waste his or her time with such a fruitless venture. Yet, browns are asked to take into consideration a drop of blood in an ocean as a means of showing the “success” of browns around the world. It is preposterous.

What would serve non-browns is to first admit to their hateful history and theft of everything brown. Admit it so we can take a step toward healing. Healing cannot begin if an alcoholic does not admit he or she is an alcoholic. We all know this to be true in psychological circles. Healing can only begin with admitting that one is sick, or admitting that one’s past was sick.

Once non-browns accept their role and their ancestors’ role in the destruction of browns, and hence, the pending potential destruction of the world, we can move forward toward a solution. And toward giving browns back what was once their birthright as protectors of our earth home.

Of course, it is impossible in a single blog post to uncover every neurosis and issue that non-browns have. But I feel this is a drop in the ocean of the problems that ails non-browns. I hope this is a fair start. It is time that we browns stop being assessed by them. They have the audacity to assess everyone but themselves. We must now take the lead in assessing non-browns, who ironically are the ones who require deep assessment and psychological evaluation, certainly more than any other culture on earth.